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In Person Training Opportunities

For hunt test and field trial competitors, tailored to your needs.

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Get a thorough evaluation

Spend time with me to develop new skills

Leave with a training plan


Opportunities for Early Fundamentals to Advanced Hunt Test & All-Age Field Trial Training

I can help you if:

  • You FEEL STUCK. You’re not getting to the next level because you don’t have the right training plan.
  • You’re FRUSTRATED by a training issue you’re not sure how to solve.
  • You’ve studied the books and videos, but you still have questions.
  • You’re hungry for more information, and want to be more competitive.
  • You don’t have a mentor or coach, and need someone to support you as you reach for your goals.
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You need a coach that’s as invested in your journey as you are.

I understand that you have specific goals and want to make the most of our time together. When you train with me, I’ll give you an in-depth analysis of your current performance and work with you to develop a training plan that fits your needs. 


Workshops are topic focused and feature small groups to maximize your training time.

Most workshops also offer opportunities for private lessons.


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Training Camps

Spend 7 days preparing for the upcoming test or trial season.

Review fundamentals with drills and setups designed to sharpen your skills and ensure you’re ready for advanced field work. 

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Phone consults

Do you have a question or training challenge? Call me!

Calls are recorded via Zoom so you can reference it in the future.


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Event Calendar

Training opportunities scheduled throughout the US and Canada.

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"Kevin has trained multiple dogs for me over the years, resulting in NFTCH, NAFTCH, FC, AFC, FTCH & AFTCH titles in Canada & the U.S. His knowledge, ability to train both dogs AND handlers is documented. He has made me a better trainer and handler in the process & without his help I could not have accomplished what I have in the retriever Field trial world."

~ Howard Simson, Vaughn, ON

"Whether you’re an experienced full-time trainer or a first time handler with a busy life, Kevin’s coaching programs will give you an edge in you and your dogs’ development. Five stars and highly recommended in my book!"

David Noland, San Lorenzo, CA