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What is FETCH?


Training a retriever is complex. If you're working hard but not getting results, or are experiencing a training problem you don't know how to fix, check out FETCH.

FETCH is a complete training system by Kevin Cheff, the Retriever Coach. In this monthly membership program, you'll get step-by-step instructions to bring your dog from basic obedience to running advanced blind and marking concepts. And it's not just about training the dog - FETCH focuses on trainer development, so you can be confident, and competitive, in hunt tests and field trials.

Bring over 70 video lessons into the field via the FETCH app. Modules for Yard & Drill Work, Developing Marking, Blind Concepts, and Handling Drills deliver a complete, progressive, and modern approach for training an advanced retriever. 

When you join FETCH, you'll have direct access to Kevin. You'll also participate in Member-exclusive monthly webinars, live Q&A calls, and get access to our private community where you can collaborate with like-minded trainers.  And, as a bonus in 2024, your FETCH membership includes the opportunity to attend a FREE in-person training seminar!

From puppy to Field Champion, Kevin will guide you every step of the way.