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Spring Training: What's Your Plan?


Spring training is right around the corner. If you and your dog have been keeping warm on the couch, chances are, you're both a little rusty! 

As exciting as it is to start training again, where do you start?

If you're feeling a bit outpaced by the dogs and handlers that went south this winter, I've got great news! Over the last 30 years, I've crafted a proven spring training plan that will get your dog ready for the test and trial season.

📢 Announcement! 📢

Next week, I'll be posting a video outlining EVERY STEP of my spring training plan. And on 2/19, I'll be hosting a live webinar where I deep-dive into a skill that will improve your water blinds immediately. 

Keep an eye out for my spring training plan, as well as your webinar invite. Cheers!