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ABCD Drills - My Favorite Configuration & Why

Originally developed by Canadian field trial pro Dan Devos, and later modified by Mike Lardy, ABCD Drills are an important part of a well-rounded marking program.

The purpose of the ABCD drill is to:
✅Bring certain marking concepts to a drill-like environment.
✅Improve a dog's ability to slide tight past a thrower’s station while en route to another mark.
✅Help dogs recognize the limited area of the fall and to keep their hunts tight around the bird.
✅Encourage dogs to be mindful of the depth of a mark.
✅Give your dog experience picking out throwers in tight situations.

I ask my FETCH students to run ABCD Drills several times each month. Here’s my favorite configuration, along with a brief explanation of what you're accomplishing with each mark.