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How Will You React If Your Dog Fails a Cheating Single?


A few days ago I told the story of a dog named Tie and how the training mistakes I made affected his performance on water blinds for the majority of his career. 20 years later, my experience has led me to understand that training around the water requires a thoughtful and methodical approach.

Remember that there are four core components to an exceptional water training program.

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Mental State 
  3. Standards 
  4. Conceptual Learning 

Today, I'd like to discuss part of my program. Consider the Standards component - our dogs need to make disciplined decisions about getting in the water at the proper location, getting out of the water in the proper location, making the swim, and fighting a crosswind.

One piece of ensuring your dog understands the standards is Cheating Singles.

The video above discusses the prerequisites to teaching cheating singles, the 5 types of cheating singles you need to cover, and how you should react if your dog fails to enter the water at the appropriate spot.