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 WC Test

Free Webinar with Kevin Cheff, The Retriever Coach


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Kevin Cheff will teach you how to develop the skills your dog needs to run the Working Certificate test!


Attention all retriever enthusiasts! Are you eager to tap into your retriever's natural abilities? Watch this informative webinar where we dive deep into the Working Certificate Test.

Professional Trainer, Kevin Cheff, discusses the WC test requirements for each breed and teaches you how to introduce your dog to birds, get them comfortable with gunfire, develop memory for double retrieves and create confidence in the water.

Introduction to Birds

Teach your dog to pick up a bird, hold it, and bring it all the way back to you.

Building Memory

Learn the mechanics of a double retrieve so your dog is confident in retrieving memory birds.

Confidence Around Water

Build excitement and drive for retrieves in the water.

Meet Kevin Cheff

After spending 27 years training retrievers, winning field trials and National Championships, I’ve found my greatest passion is sharing my experience and coaching people to train their own dog.

My goal is to help you train your dog so you can be competitive at any level you choose.