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Course: Assessing Blinds

Part 1:
Develop Your Plan of Attack

The purpose of this course is to provide some of the tools you need to successfully run blinds. They include understanding how to evaluate a blind, how to develop an effective plan to run the blind and the mindset that’s required for success.

This course includes 2 webinars + written instruction and illustrations.

🔹Assessing The Blind

  1. Map out the blind.
  2. Understand the factors.
  3. Understand the elements that will affect your dog's behavior.
  4. Note the danger zones.
  5. Note the elements the judge requires you to negotiate.

🔹Develop Your Plan of Attack

  1. What information to deliver with each cast.
  2. How significant are the factors?
  3. A strategy for negotiating each danger zone.
  4. A strategy to ensure you negotiate the elements the judges require.
  5. A plan for the finish.

🔹Other Tips, Tricks & Considerations

Part 2:
Give Your Dog the Cast They Need

🔹Understanding the Power of Factors

Learn how the following affect your dog:

  • Crosswind
  • Terrain
  • Water
  • Cover
  • Diversions
🔹Communicating With Your Dog

Learn why & how to effectively:

  • Use Your Voice
  • Add a Lateral Step
  • Determine the Angle of the Cast
  • Make Adjustments

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