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A Look Inside FETCH!


I've received several questions asking what the FETCH platform looks like, and what's included. Here is a quick video to show you around!

FETCH provides all the information you need to bring your dog from basic obedience to running their first cold blinds.

It utilizes written & video instruction, monthly webinars, community forums and personalized feedback - all accessible through an app or your desktop. And because I want you to be successful, I’m available to answer any training questions you have.

FETCH contains both written and video lessons for:

  • Socializing Your Retriever
  • Developing A Healthy Desire To Retrieve
  • Treat Training
  • Basic Obedience
  • E-Collar Conditioning
  • Fun Fetch
  • Teaching Hold
  • Reinforcing Hold Using A Lip Pinch
  • Asking Your Dog To Reach A Little
  • Challenging The Hold & Creating Opportunities To Develop The Fetch Response
  • Using The E-Collar to Reinforce Fetch & Hold
  • Developing The “Fetch” Command & Encouraging Your Dog To Reach Further
  • Remote Fetch
  • Remote Fetch Using Two Rollers
  • Walking Fetch Using Rollers
  • Walking Fetch Using Bumpers & Birds
  • Building A Pile While Doing Walking Fetch
  • Remote Pile Fetch
  • Force To A Pile
  • Stop & Sit To A Pile
  • Three Handed Casting
  • The Advanced-T
  • Disciplined Casting
  • Wagon Wheel Drill - Variations 1 & 2
  • Scattered Bumper Drill
  • Cast Off Drill
  • Swim-By Drill
  • Reinforcing The Swim-By
  • Introduction To Cold Land Blinds
  • Cast Off Drill With Blind Concepts
  • Marking Development
  • Marking Concepts

Have more questions about FETCH? Reach out to me at [email protected]

- Kevin